05 July 2020


The Cimarron came from a Gunbroker vendor in Louisiana.

The tracking originated from an FFL in Illinois through St Louis, Missouri.

He claimed he had a gun in stock in his kitchen FFL, but really had it drop shipped from his distributor.

That pisses me off.

But he got the gun to me in the agreed upon time frame, so I don't really have anything to complain about except a small lie at the beginning.

I've been wondering what I should do about feedback.

So I looked to see if he'd left ME feedback.

After all, I'd done my job as the buyer.  I stabbed "buy-it-now" and paid seconds later with the FFL information attached thanks to the automatic system on Gunbroker.

What more could a seller ask for than that?

He has not left feedback.

He leaves lots of feedback, so he must be the kind of seller that waits to see what you said about him before he rates you.

Don't hurt me a bit to not bother with feedback.  Hurts him more than me, for what little affect it has.


  1. Yeah after a little research I found out that the majority of f ratings for your vendor are related to his drop shipping practices. Also if he does not get the price he wants on an item he cancels the order and then relists the item. I suspect he has no local inventory and is a middleman for the distributor in Illinois. He is Located in Ruston LA.

    1. I'd found his address by searching for his account name and found his address in Ruston right after I ordered.

      His little "shipping times for our warehouses" is hilarious when you see that his address is a residential one.

      I think I'm going to add that phrase to mean, "I don't actually stock anything" in my personal dictionary.


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