04 July 2020


Israel has a functioning squadron of F-35's.

Iran is having explosions and fires around their secret nuclear facilities.

Completely unrelated, I am sure.


  1. And Israel said they would only use F-35s for internal air security...


  2. Hi Angus.....,
    Funny thing you should mention that!!!??
    Some years ago I got my first Aerospace job... thru a "Jobshop" for Leroy's Ironworks to go to Iran (me and another guy) and "try" to teach the Iranian AF personnel how to maintain and pack the Parachute system in the Martin Baker GRU-7 ejection seats in the F-14 TOMCAT'S the Shah bought from us!! 'Would have been easier to teach a "Box Of Rocks!!!!!"


    They probably just plain screwed up on their own with no outside help!!

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

    1. Never attribute to evil, that which stupidity will explain.


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