25 July 2020

Failing The Smell Test

It has been a month since Halsey Beshears closed the breweries and bars in Florida.

He said, at the time, that breweries and bars were the reason that cases suddenly spiked from under a thousand new cases a day to thousands a day.

Well, it's a disease with a 2-3 week course.  That means if bars and breweries were how it was being spread, we should see an equally dramatic drop in new cases about a week ago.

We didn't.

The big jump in cases happens, like clockwork, two weeks after the George Floyd protests and Antifa riots started.  Notably, because everyone poo-poohed social distancing and masks at protests.

Bars and breweries weren't allowed open until almost a week after the protest/riots got going.

What also have is a dramatic spike in the percentage of tests being positive each day.

We were running 5.49% average positive when the protests started.

Since then we've jumped to an average of 14.13%

We've gone from around 14 thousand tests per day to an average of 42 thousand or so.

Tripled the tests, found three times as many people positive?

That correlates better than blaming bars.

One bit of good news that the news isn't mentioning at all:  Our crude CFR has fallen from 4.44% right before the protests started to a mere 1.39% today.

Our dead per 100k is a mere 26.9.  WAY below the "success" story that is New York or New Jersey.

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