15 July 2020

This Is Something

Florida labs found to be lying.

From the way they caved to the press, I am left wondering if it's the place they reported to that's ignoring the negative tests and then sending the inflated numbers to the public.

I'd wondered what had changed in the reporting when suddenly we went from 6% or so daily positive tests to 20%.

PS: Despite the spike in cases and deaths, crude CFR continues to fall.  It's the breathless reporting on the totals that's making this seem terrifying.

PPS: If this is the cause of the spike here in Florida and not the labs screwing about with the numbers, then I propose internal border checkpoints.

1 comment:

  1. This is a link to Florida hospitals bed availability updated every 2 hours or so. You might find it useful. Statewide we have ~30% bed available



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