15 July 2020

Why Africa Sinks

In one handy, and bigoted, infographic!

The National Museum of African American History and Culture must be... uh...  I can't tell what they're trying to do here.

What I do know is that all of my friends of enhanced melanin count adhere to all of these points and all are more successful than I am at most things.

This infographic is a roadmap to success, should anyone dare to travel the road and it's available to anyone to use regardless of skin-tone.


  1. I've got to say that I'm flattered nearly speechless by this, but honestly, I've known quite a few white people who didn't fit this at all. (Sometime when we're together I can tell you Stupid Tenant Stories for as long as you're willing to listen---a lot of my tenants should have been on Jerry Springer).

    1. The 'Shitheel' tab is entirely about a family of white people who embody almost none of aspects depicted on that chart.

    2. That whole thing is based on stereotypes. The problem with stereotypes is that they generally have some basis in reality, or they wouldn't become a thing. But of course they aren't always true, and sometimes they live well beyond when things change. There are a lot of people that don't live up to the ideals that "whiteness" supposedly stands for. And a lot more than there used to be. Standards have slipped. What is insulting to me, is that the insinuation is that black people don't or can't or even shouldn't do any of the things that are (in my opinion) positive on there. Or even it implies that things that most people think are positive are not. I don't think that is very kind to anyone, white or black. It just sounds like they want to burn down all of society and they have a very low bar with what to replace it with. When you talk about wanting to throw out meritocracy, the family, science and politeness and everything else they mention, you've lost me.


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