23 July 2020

But It's Thursday

I've been hard pressed to shake a case of the Monday's here of late.

It affects my post count mightily, it does.

The Boy being jumpy hasn't helped.  The lack of school is hitting him hard.

The lack of down time for me while he's at school and The Lovely Harvey is at work is hitting me too.

It's taking too long to do simple things because I'm so discombobulated from the "what day of the week is it again?" feeling from nothing keeping a weekly schedule.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear of your boy's trouble with lack of a life. My son (autistic soon to be 22) is in same position. Used to enjoy eating out at dine-in facility - no more. Loved bowling and participated in adult league - no more. Had a part time in a Bistro movie theatre, running orders from the kitchen to the customers - no more.

    So much of the ROUTINE (they enjoy their routines, don't they) has been dramatically changed. I feel really bad and try to help, but I see the frustration - he just wants things to get back to normal. I feel you buddy, I really do.



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