14 July 2020

And He Teaches Our Children

I think it's time to purge the bigots off the side bar again.

Divemedic keeps posting his gorilla analog to transgender.

It's the "Be A Prick" school of dealing with LGBT.

I already posted my thoughts on his stupidity and got a lengthy diatribe from Aesop in the comments.

I suspect that, like abortion, it's GOD who's made up their minds and not an actual rational thought process.

The justification to be pricks to LGBT boils down to having to do something they don't like.

I don't accept that from a 5-year old, why would I accept that rationale from an "adult"?

I'm sick of people being bigots about this.  I've too many friends who've spent time in e-rooms from the attentions of the likes of Aesop and Dive Medic.