03 July 2020

I'll Make Popcorn

I heard a rumor that Antifa was considering doing something to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in DC.

I want to see that.

They act like the five soldiers on post at the tomb are the entire force guarding it, and that in the face of hundreds of protesters they'd fade away like the police always do.

Even if you forced those guards to retreat, which I think is unlikely, the entire Old Guard will be back in a minute to retake the site and they're not going to be coming to arrest anyone.

"Use of lethal force has been authorized" is an important phrase.


  1. Friend of mine became a member of "The Old Guard." Before, he joined the Army, he was a wreck. He says trying out and becoming a member of TOG saved his life.

    And they don't put up with crap. They will defend the Tomb with their very lives if necessary. Those M-14's aren't demilitarized, they are ready to rock and roll.

  2. If that happens, I hope they have full metal jackets, plenty of rounds, and partake in their job with great enjoyment.


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