03 May 2021

A Pox Of Ads

Watching videos on YouTube has become an exercise eerily similar to doing anything in Windows 3.11.

Do you want to watch a video? <yes/no>.


Are you sure? <yes/no>


Are you really sure? We have ads! <yes/no>


You've seen this ad before.  Many times before.  Are you sure you really want to skip it again? <yes/no>


We've detected that you're trying to retain the shattered threads of sanity.  Would you like help with that? <yes/no> (Yes, I know clippy isn't part of 3.11, but it fits so well...)


  1. Wait, you are not using an adblock?

    Why not?

    1. One that works with Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04? I looked at the plugin list and only found one that recent reviews say no longer works.


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