15 May 2021

Bad Science

The news is spreading bad science again on herd immunity.  I too was shocked.

They mention vaccination over and over, as if that's the only immunity that matters.

You also get immunity from catching and recovering from the disease (at least from the strain that you caught).

It might even be less risky...

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  1. Thursday night, I visited with a couple who both had Covid in March and are recovered. Their doctors are telling them to get the jab after 90 days. The guy studied biology in college and he was talking puzzlement over this, too. He says, "they told me the antibodies from the disease go away in 90 days, but that's not what I ever learned."

    I put in the first three years of a biochemistry degree before having to quit. I took virology and immunology and that's not what I was taught, either. If that was the case, we'd get other viruses we had as kids over an over again. Get measles again every few years? Or any of those "childhood diseases"?


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