26 May 2021

An Unending Stream Of Success

For successes with sufficient resemblance to failure.

Another mass shooting in gun-control paradise, California.

I keep being told that once we get the gun control that California has, all this kind of mayhem will cease immediately.

Yet it never does in California...

It underscores that the point of gun control is not to save lives or prevent crime, but something else.

The least cynical something else is simple tyranny.


  1. Union meeting. Hmmm... Wonder what they were discussing at the apparently volatile union meeting that made one guy go... postal at the railyard.

    My experience with unions, well, the upper echelons are in it for themselves, not for altruistic reasons.

    And a railyard? If it hadn't been a gun, would've been something far more deadly.

  2. I would note that in the Bay Area, 9 dead union members is a good start, but with a certainty approaching 100%, those 9 will still vote Democrat there in every election until Doomsday.


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