17 May 2021

Nine Zip

It turns out you DO need a warrant to confiscate someone's guns.

Anyone wanna speculate what this does to red flag laws?


  1. Sure, I'll speculate.

    It will change NOTHING! The tyrants will do what tyrants do, and let the citizen go broke fighting it out in court. Meanwhile, the tyrants have unlimited taxpayer funds to beat the citizen into submission.

    When tyrants start dropping through trapdoors wearing a hemp necktie, or tumble headfirst on their knees into a long trench, this shit might stop. Court rulings won't do it.

  2. Well, it goes to show that extremely unconstitutional things still are supposedly unconstitutional. Even the pseudo-Ginsbergs and that floppy waffler Roberts.

    But, yeah, like Glypto Dropem said, it won't stop it. The powers-that-be will find workarounds. Or just ignore the ruling completely.

    Still wish the Supremes would basically make the BATFE unconstitutional. I have dreams, lots of dreams.

  3. Red Flag laws will remain on the books, since the process includes a court order issued by a judge to seize firearms, and not just blanket carte blanche for cops to seize them on their own initiative, which is what this case was about.

    1. Exactly, this just means that the cops have to follow the official process instead of making up whatever they want to...
      Unfortunately, "Red flag" laws are designed to be enough process to satisfy many people while not actually giving due process.


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