15 May 2021

Don't Forget The Bennies

The average police salaries map at Fox News.

I talked about this before, I looked up my local law enforcement's numbers back in January 2020.

Pasco pays $39 to $41 thousand a year for a deputy sheriff, the lowest rank.  That doesn't seem like much, does it?

Full medical, zero out of pocket.  The value of this is jello with a nail in it.  This is, on average, a $40k a year benefit.

No employee contribution pension plan which will pay the full salary and medical upon retirement in as few as 15 years.  This is a near $100k a year benefit if you try matching it with doing the same with a 401k.

So our hapless deputy is really making $179 to $181 thousand a year.

Pasco is also well known for "grossly underpaying" the officers compared to the two counties to the south and has a retention problem because of it. 

But I've grown to expect lies from Art Acevedo.  He lies about guns, so why should we expect him to suddenly be honest about salaries?


  1. yeah but you can't pay the bills with benefits. and very few cops ever reach retirement with one dept. well, deputies might, but they have to worry about which way the wind blows next election.

  2. Art was an asshole at the CHP and the same in Austin and Houston. Don't expect him to change his stripes!!

  3. Art Assholeveda is a scumbag of the worst kind. He F'd Austin hard, and Houston too.


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