22 May 2021

I Need To See If They Will Let Me Take Pictures

At one of our favorite gun shops is an M1911.

Note the lack of an A1.

It's most certainly been refinished, it's parkerized, as were many pistols that the Army owned after WW1.

The interesting thing is the X1000 serial number.

Chuck says he's got the letter from Colt telling its history, which is something I need to get repeated to me to get the details right.

I'm hoping to get back down there Monday with my camera to get some detailed pics.

I offered $200 and a box of .270 in exchange for it.  They declined.


  1. You may need to throw in a couple sheets of plywood.

  2. A brick of small rifle primers might sweeten up the deal enough for them.

  3. Somehow, I'm not surprised that they declined...

  4. and a vax card...haha

    pk guy

  5. Hey Angus;

    And add a box of 9mm to the deal


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