06 May 2021

This Warms My Cockles

The M60 MBT is still in service around the world.

Considering that the most common opponent will be a T-62 or T-55, the old '60 is perfectly cromulent for the job.

Even an export T-72 will have a lot to worry from the old M68 main gun.

I've a soft spot for the old girl because, despite being an 19K, we trained on them because the Army still had them in abundance and there was a decent chance that we'd be sent to a unit that still had them.

I will say that the '60 is a lot roomier inside than the M1.

Plus, getting to shoot the grease guns was a blast!


  1. and way easier to work on.

  2. Turkey has even upgraded their M-60s with new 'modern' slab turrets and up-gunned them, re-engined them. All things we could have done in order to increase the number of vehicles in our arsenal.



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