06 May 2021

Philippine Krag Short Rifle

Also known as the Philippine Constabulary Carbine.

It's an M1898 Krag rifle cut down and reworked to the stylish "short rifle" configuration that took hold at the beginning of the 20th century.  It still takes the normal US Krag bayonet, just shorter and handier.

The pictures are from this GunBroker auction (link will be dead 90 days after posting) where it just sold for $2,900.

Here's a link to something of a history of such carbines.

Things like this will matter in my Sabers and... world.  The US is dealing with the Philippines in much the same manner in my world as they did in the real world, with the added distraction of the spookholes.  My embryonic book is set very close to the transition dates where the M1903 is adopted and mountains of Krags become surplus.  A cut down version might be just the ticket to help the Sioux of Maka Tanka fend off the Googoo.  I suspect they would prefer carbines to short rifles though.


  1. I had no idea the Krag was shortened but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Many bolt rifles around the same time period, especially if they were used by the mounted cavalry. Looks pretty cool.


  2. It looks rather like mine. I'm thinking of selling mine, since ammunition is so damned hard to come by.


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