21 May 2021

Mission Accomplished!

I ended up reading a thread that was titled "Another Show Bites The Dust" and realized that I didn't recognize the title of ANY of the shows people were discussing.

I, literally, have no idea what's on TV any more.

I'm not sure I made a conscious decision to stop watching, but I did.

I'm probably a lot happier this way too.


  1. Same here - I haven't had a usable antenna in years.
    Even on streaming, I don't look at new shows. I do like to look through older stuff. Some of it I've bought on DVD so that I have a copy in hand when selections change online, which they do quite often.

  2. Well done, sir! Avoiding the teewee and its cancerous medical commercials is a tremendous life enhancing act.

    There is so much more to life than watching the garbage broadcast over the teewee. Peace. Milton

  3. Most of what is on sucks. Of course that has been true for years. But today's every more politically correct pablum is even more rehashed and retreaded than ever.

    Awaiting the next season of "Better Call Saul". One of the few good shows.


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