15 May 2021

I Feel Like I Just Cracked The Enigma Code

I started the fight to remove the brake pedal position sensor.  1/8 turn at a time with a 7mm open end wrench reaching around the fucking steering wheel shaft because there's no tool clearance for the screw.

I noticed something while I was under there this time.

It's attached to a sheet metal bracket.

The two screws holding the bracket to the wheel and pedal are a straight shot with a socket and a 6" extension!

The service manual gives zero clue that it's this way.


  1. Last year when I had to replace the heater core in my Malibu I asked a mechanic friend if he would loan me his service manual. He did, but advised me to get an online Chilton's manual because there's stuff in it that isn't in the Chevy manual. It was worth every penny.

  2. Having worked in several industries, including electronic, heavy mechanical and automotive, most manuals are written by engineers backed by graphic illustrators and hack writers. You will note that a dealership mechanic or actual DIY owner never figures into the mix. Can't count the times I have cursed engineers that are not practical (I am one of the practical breed), over just such things. VW which I have been wrenching for 4 decades (and also Italian, Brit and American iron) seem to delight in making it near impossible to service anything without actually removing a major amount of hardware(like changing a heater core in the Jetta). Good on ya for finding the work-around. We should trade pictures of our back hand and knuckles some time.

  3. Years ago I was assisting a young mechanic as he was trying to replace the timing belt in my Dodge caravan. None of the older mechanics were willing to help him because it was a 45 minute job, easy.

    So I was helping add best I could, the old farts were laughing at us and the horrid time we were having.

    Lunch comes and goes and we just can't get wrenches into the right spots.

    Finally one of the older mechanics walks over and says "pull the front passenger wheel and go in through the side well"

    Ten minutes later we had all the covers of and were lining up all the shafts to put the belt on.

    First time I was exposed to the magic of take it further apart and it gets easier.


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