29 May 2021


Valentine got her M5 RAS today.  It does add a bit of mass to the front end.

USGI A2 handguards are 8.6 oz.

Brownell's A2 handguards are 7.3 oz.

M5 RAS upper rail is 9.1 oz., lower rail is 5.2 oz.  14.3 oz. total, or 5.7 oz. heavier than the USGI handguards.

11-rib panels are 0.8 oz. (2.4 oz. total as shown here).

5-rib panels are 0.5 oz. each.

I don't have an example of the 9 or 6 ribbers.

Valentine with M5 RAS and 3x 11-rib panels is 8 lb. 15.8 oz. with a loaded M3 PMAG, no sling, no optic.  0.6 lb. heavier than with the Brownell's handguards.

Update: If you can get to the full size pics you will be able to see I'd made the rookie mistake and gotten the little spring tab up front outside the handguard cap.

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