12 May 2021


After discovering that I can feed my Lego: Star Wars habit much more cheaply by buying bulk bricks from resellers I found a snag:

The glacial pace of the USPS in states still under ReichskommisariatCOVID.

Two weeks to escape Illinois.  Two days to cross the rest of the country.

With an extra pucker traveling through gas-starved MadMaxLand Georgia.

Finally out for delivery today.

I'll finally have a Lego version of every fighter from The Battle of Endor from the 75 thousand series of kits.

The B-Wing, if I'd gone with a sealed set on Ebay is like $300.  Around $200 for complete, but used.  Less than $50 (except for the $30 pilot) buying bricks from resellers.  Prolly less than $30 if I'd taken the time to see what parts I already had in the tub.

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