28 May 2021

Nearing Completion

A finish time of 0100 is predicted.


  1. Yaknow? About 20 minutes and a chunk of Delrin and a lathe (even a woodworking one, but a machine or tool lathe) and you'd have this done. Maybe an hour for hollowing out sections.

    Somethings this 3D printing isn't actually good for. Of course, it takes less physical skill to use a 3D printer, just a decent understanding of the requirements of the program so you can make it work right.

    Heck, you could make one from aluminum or steel or whatever using regular machine tools...

    Of course, that requires you to have access and the training to use machine tools...

    1. We have a hammer and that fancy nail with a spiral thing around the shaft is GOING to get pounded!

      We don't have a lathe. If I had a lathe my suppressor would be done by now.

    2. You are correct that 3d printing isn't the best way of making everything.

      But one of the best things about it is that unlike a mill or lathe, you don't have to be there to operate it.

      I think SiG covered this, but if you spend the time to make a part manually and it's incorrectly sized or you make a mistake, you have to start over and spend the same amount of time doing it again.

      Another point is that if you want more than one, you just queue up another. If you're interested in mass-producing you fill up the printbed and use more printers.


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