14 May 2021


I've long wanted an Energa rifle grenade for my FAL.

I don't think there's any real ones left, and the training versions are approaching "win the lotto" prices.

But JT has a 3D printer!

So I can take this:

And get to this:

And... dunno how to get from AutoCAD 3D model to something that his printer can use.  Surely there must be something...


  1. Export as an STL file and hand it to him. He has software called a slicer which will generate instructions for his 3D printer

    1. Done! He's got the file now and will check with his slicer later this evening.

  2. I went low tech, after watching how Hollywood propmasters get over on things.

    Glue two Dr. Pepper plastic bottle points together, stick in a dowel, fill with epoxy, let it harden, a little Bond-o for finlets, and then paint.

    Instant PG-7 rockets.

    If one coats them thinly with Flex Seal or equivalent instead, and leaves them hollow, substituting cardboard tubes for dowels, you can get a re-useable version that model rocket engines will stand in for actual launching duties over 100-200Y.

    (Just, please, not in dry brush, oily machine spaces, or near gas stations. Then it's only fun to watch when it's not your liability insurance.)

    With high-tec AutoCAD, one might assume you could make an appropriate mold for the Energa stand-in.
    Hollow, and filled with Styrofoam, you could probably get it to perform like the original with blanks, minus the destructive part that pisses off BATFE without the right papers.

    If the people at Nerf© only realized what an untapped market they're sitting on...

    1. With a metal liner to the tail-stem my printed design could be used as a practice round, once or twice.

      My goal is something to take pictures of.

      If my goals were less noble, I wouldn't be making it even look like an Energa.


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