15 May 2021

That's Cool!

Putting a ø63.3x32.6mm cylindrical void in the body of the Energa print will, with a nylon density of 1.14 g/cm3 give it the correct mass of 645g!

Now, that's cool!

Putting that void up near the nose will also give it close to the correct balance.

Hopefully the fact that it's plastic, not metal, will be enough of a clue to keep someone from being so fooled by it that they feel the need to call ATF about the destructive device.

Because it's not a destructive device.

It's not even a projectile, really.  The stem will break apart if one were to put firing pressures on it.

It's a decorative muzzle cap!

Has anyone else noticed that pictures of live Energas are thin on the net, but pics of the training version abound?

1 comment:

  1. Over at another guy's blog, he did a link to a guy who's recreating panzerfausts. With inert warheads, of course...


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