21 May 2021

Perfect! Ship It!


This was an attempt at printing the tail, fins up.

JT is disappointed but noticed that this filament is not behaving as well as the original brand he had.

It would appear that the Creality CR-10 doesn't care for Hatchbox filament but does like Overture brand.

A couple of reviewers agree with this assessment, especially with recent purchases; they indicate that something has changed at Hatchbox in the past few years.


  1. Hmmm… looks like a layer adhesion issue.

    But, without knowing exactly what settings are used, my normal suggestions are bump up your extrusion temperature, more walls vs high infill %, and/or bump up the Flow/ extrusion multiplier a bit.

    Maybe he could post his Settings?

    Of course it could just that the filament just sucks.

    But I've had some great results from the cheapest $10 a kg PLA.

    1. He's discovering all the things he did wrong in setting up AND in shutting down from his first initial prints. He's got some parts gummed up from improper post-op cleaning.


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