27 May 2021

President McThag Would SO Start A War

One of my first acts would be to finally acknowledge that there's only ONE China and move all diplomatic missions to the capitol; Taipei.


  1. Who is responsible for the communist take over of China...Truman (D). Imagine if a few Tomahawk tacnucs were to be sent to Taipei for their defense? Stir the pot, poke the bear. Don't sell them advanced weaponry, give it to them. Offensive systems like MLRS, M-109A6 with Copperheads. Move our embassy to Taipei. Chicoms will kick and scream but so what.

    1. Actually, it was FDR pulling support from the National Chinese that set the downfall of the Nationals.

      FDR never met a commie socialist he wouldn't bootlick for.

    2. This is probably true. Instead of pulling support for the Nationalists the US should have doubled down. We also should have deposed Stalin after WWII when the USSR was vulnerable. If we had taken down Mao and Stalin at those points we probably wouldn't have had 50 years of cold war. We wouldn't have the Castro's dictatorship 90 miles off our border, or half of the other Socialis tinpot dictatorships around the world. Undoubtedly we'd have had other problems over the years, but it would have had to be better without the Korean and Viet Nam wars, etc. Communism and Socialism just don't work, they are a cancer on society. They bring nothing but mass death, famine and despair.

  2. Ayup. Taipei is the capital of the only real Chinese government. Has been since it was moved from the mainland.

    Suck it, Mr(s). Cena, you waffling rat bastard.

  3. They have the technology that they could have nukes any time they chose to, like South Korea and Japan.
    What they don't have is good delivery systems. they need them as much or more than the rest of the equipment (which they definitely need also).


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