06 May 2021

After A Long Wait

Got my new book from Headstamp!

I'm not of the opinion that a bullpup is the solution, but they're sure interesting.

My very first Twilight: 2000 character was a Brit with an L85A1.  It sure is a cool looking thing!

Of course, in 1985 we didn't know fuck all about them aside from a few pics and a glowing article in Defense International magazine.

I really wanted this book because of the depth of information on the Rifle No.9 Mk I (aka EM-2).  I latched onto the EM-2 and .280 British in gaming for a nexus character from an alternate England.  And again in a Twilight: 1955.  Then AGAIN for K'Tanga where the New Americans were making .280 Brit chambered FG.42's in the alternate Africa on the other side of the Hellgate.

Gaming isn't real life and the shortcomings (and advantages) of any gun design usually get wiped clean making stats.

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