21 May 2021

Ersatz A4


Easier to get together than originally anticipated.

Retro shit has gotten hellishly expensive, and for a change, I have a lot of it in the AR parts bin.

My Type C stock, for example, paid for the gov't profile barrel from Brownell's.  I was never going to make an XM16E1 R602, so I had no need of it.

I hear that my 1966 "MP 12" fetches about a grand nowadays.  The 1969 "C MP C" barrel just slightly less.  There's a serious temptation to sell the vintage stuff and replace them with 1:12 barrels from Brownell's and pocket the difference.

I'm not going to go with the RAS or ACOG unless either the items or the money falls in my lap.

Until then, the Primary Arms PAC5X will suffice.

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