11 May 2021

Transhuman Space

The GURPS setting, Transhuman Space, is set just close enough to today that it's just barely conceivable we could play future versions of ourselves.

The Expanse has something in it that's similar to Transhuman Space... Food.

There's no cows in space.

Something that grows readily just about everywhere is fungus.  Mushrooms are a handy source of food in both settings.

Which condemns FutureThag to deep in the well.

I'm allergic to such fungus.

That means, to get off planet, I'd have to shed this fragile pink body for something shinier.  Something metallic.  Something that makes me legally not a person in some places.  Full robotic body.

One scenario I posited was winning a stupid huge lottery then getting lucky again by investing in this setting's version of Apple Stock.  Something that lets me be fabulously wealthy enough to take advantage of the advancing technology as it advances and to stay alive.

It's fun to speculate on.

Transhuman Space is a hard science setting that I really want to PLAY in, but have no interest in being the GM for.  There's a lot of published material and a lot of plates to keep in the air while the players are gallivanting.  I'll do that with Traveller, but I don't think I wanna do that for Transhuman Space...

Unless some player drops the entire thing in pdf in my lap.  Then I might consider it.

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  1. And other sci-fi 'worlds' have gone with lab-grown meat.

    Then there's the newts used in one of Lois McMaster-Bujold's stories to control the algae that scrubs the water and the air of Klein station. The algae can be harvested, but then again, so can the newts. Newt stew, newt stakes, newt fritters, newt patties, newt sausage, newt roast, newt... whatever.

    There are ways around fungus. Lots of ways. Heck, using the above newt concept, algae or water-weed tanks, feed the surplus to nutria or guinea pigs or rabbits (some meat rabbits get up to 20kgs in size) or goats or...

    And there are always... rats. A good rat-burger... Mmmmm....


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