24 May 2021

Being A Decendant Of Monkeys From A Long Line Of Monkeys

The M16A4 project has, of course, turned into obsession.

I keep bumping into wildly different accounts of the mass of the M5 RAS compared to the pedistrian round A2 handguards.

Now I want one to weigh.

And all the panels.  And the vertical grip...

They're out there.  $220 with a couple of panels.

$350 to $400 complete.

Every once and a while, $250 for the whole thing but you need to MOVE or you miss them.

I sometimes wish I was addicted to something cheap and easy, like cocaine.


  1. "cheap and easy like cocaine" - have ya thought about GOLF? bwahahaha...............

    1. Golf was supposed to be a joke on the Sassenach.

      Who knew that they'd take it serious?


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