04 May 2021

Something Missing

I first saw it at Miggy's, but there seems to be a trend...

News articles talking about how black people have felt like they weren't allowed to own guns.

They didn't get that idea from me.

The more gun owners the better, I says.

Getting more variety in the demographics of gun owner is better than less.

But the thing I think is missing from the article Miggy linked to is this:

"Did you have any trouble buying your gun legally?"

I'm going to go out on a limb and say, "No, they did not."

The implication from the title "Armed Doesn't Mean Dangerous" is that they were somehow being discriminated against in their purchase.

Considering that most of the Tampa gunshow crowds are definitely of the darker complexions; the idea that someone is saying black people can't own guns is a creation of Anti-Gun minds trying to convince their base that the CENSORED are coming for them and their wimmin's.


  1. To me it's a none too veiled attempt to drive Blacks back onto the Democrat Plantation - they're getting too uppity, so for now articles like this are being used in an attempt to split them from White gun owners... if it keeps not working, I'm sure they'll get more blatant and pushy.

  2. I agree with Jonathan, the intent of these articles is definitely not to encourage more gun ownership by minorities, but to further alienate them. I also think it is an attempt to scare white liberals. As for black people at gun shows, in gun stores and at ranges around here, I've never seen it be an issue. Bad behavior is generally not well tolerated in these environments by anyone, regardless of ethnicity. In general, everybody's money is green. Well, some of the new scrip has other colors on it too, but you know what I'm talking about.


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