13 May 2021

Lo Ma! No Serial Number!

Lavender Linda is, again, mostly a complete firearm.

The lower is a poured resin from AR15 Mold.

You will note the complete lack of a serial number, making this a (insert scary music) "Ghost Gun" woooooooooooo oooooooooooh!

Linda doesn't have a bolt carrier group, and the parts bin is much lighter.  I had not intended to make her a 6.8, but that's what parts I had.  Palmetto has bolt carriers on sale...  Sigh.

The lack of a serial number will not matter in the slightest unless I wanted to sell or give it away.  Or if it's stolen.

At this exact moment in time, this is perfectly legal.  There are some who are hoping to change that.

Considering that I've had the damn thing for over five years and have yet to sell it...  I think we can remove that motive from why I made it.

Marv and I did it because it's fun.

The AR15 Mold lower, by the way, is notably more fragile and less durable than a real aluminum one.  When it finally breaks, I'll smash it with a hammer and finish the 80% lower that's sitting in my gun safe.

In fact, I should scrape some money up and send it out to be engraved with something...  Dunno what.

After that comes the expense of anodizing (and the anodizing place makes me do a background check to get my lower back from them too).

I'm sure not saving any money making these things myself!


  1. Thanks for mentioning the fragility of the lower. I was looking at Polymer80 kits, but I've always wondered about, particularly, the buffer attachment point; not so much the threads, but the body of the lower itself.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2016/04/ar15-mold-update.html

  2. The AR15 mold people started offering metal inserts to reinforce the rear part where that one broke at some point. A lot of the commercial poly lowers either incorporate similar metal parts or they use things like kevlar or other fibers to reinforce them.

    1. Marv has those inserts. They are an epic pain in the ass to get folded correctly and placed in the mold.

      My purple one pre-dates the inserts.


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