24 May 2021

Not As "Out Of Stock" As Originally Thought

KAC shows an M5 RAS, with 3 11-rib panels, in stock for $311.59 shipped!

Odd that it didn't come up searching for "M5 RAS".  Duck-Duck-Go lets me down occasionally.

Gunbroker has a used, but well loved one for $252.95 shipped with no bids yet.  Downside is needing to schlep to the post office for a money order ends in the wee hours tomorrow morning.

Gunbroker also has a very "salty" (as the Marines are wont to say) example that's missing the 10-32x3/16 screw for the clamp for $120 plus shipping.  Waiting on this would mean letting the one above go because it ends in four days.

KAC lists the screw and the clamp kit for about $30...

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