17 May 2021

Reverse B-Wing


Remember how I said that the Lego B-Wing was landing upside down as compared to its appearances in the movie?

I fixed that.

Compared to how it was:

Nearly all the parts you need to do the mirroring are already there, just needed three parts from the bin to do it.

It really surprises me how ALL Lego and nearly all models and toys don't match the scene from the film.  Geeks generally get this stuff right.


  1. I thought the B-Wing was designed that the entire wing assembly rotated around around cockpit as it busted up ImpStars

    1. It does.

      But Lego has an up and down, so it needed mirrored to sit flat with the cockpit on the right instead of left.

  2. I thought I was somewhat a Star Wars geek, but you are on a level so high above my head that I have to bow in presence of your Geekness! I didn't know the B-Wing had any preferable landing position, just that it rotated it's fuselage as needed.

  3. Nice! Do you play the tabletop game "X-Wing"?


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