04 May 2021

But I Was Told...

Listening to some anti-gun snippet that I didn't get a source for...

Did you know that the only reason that people build 80% guns is to have unregistered and untraceable firearms?

"That's why they never have serial numbers!"


Having this serial number was the entire point of the 80% exercise for me!

Andrea bears the serial number of the M16A2 my tank was issued.

And just to show that this is, indeed, an 80% gun.

But the only reason to make a "ghost gun" is nefarious?

The constant, and deliberate, misunderstanding of why many gun people are into guns is downright irritating.

Making things is fun!

But, given the short shrift writers get in Hollywood and all the accolades given Dancing Monkeys... Liberals don't seem to understand the creative impulse any more.


  1. The whole thing about the usefulness of being able to trace firearms is mostly BS. Pretty much only on TV does a trace really ever lead to solving a crime. Other than, say, maybe a straw purchase, which they mostly don't even bother prosecuting anyway. The reality is that upwards to 80% or more of firearms used in crime are stolen or bought out of the trunk of a car somewhere. A trace will pretty much only get you the last legal purchaser at best (maybe only the first). Who knows how many hands it passed through since then. Even in states with "full registration", a trace on a stolen gun is pretty much useless. Because you're only going to get someone who was a theft victim. And most LE agencies in those states generally make little to no effort to try to return such stolen property to the rightful owner, if it isn't their policy to just routinely destroy them.

  2. The markings for my NoDak 601 80% are going to be US Gov and the usual serial/caliber/model stuff.

    And a bigass Mattel logo instead of a pony. "Mattel Firearms Division, El Segundo CA".

    People are already going to be pissed about it being an ultrashort N-23 build, they see that rollmark and they're gonna froth.

    1. Which Mattel logo? The round seal that everyone thinks of is too late period for Vietnam production.


    2. Yup, round seal (on the right), because I like the way it looks - much the same reason I'm doing a 601-ish N-23. :V That duckbill is going to be really interesting on a 7.5" barrel... might need welding goggles.

      I'll leave the "clone-correct" to the folks willing to pay a grand for the exact same barrel that their build is recreating, or buying new-in-wrapper dated Vietnam-era crush washers and such.

      Did you know you can get full Mattel marauder rollmark decals to etch your own lower?

    3. Pencil barrels aren't a grand. Prices haven't gone up THAT much... yet.

      Be careful about being disparaging about correct clones here; I've got a correct semi clone of an M16, M16A1, M16A2, M4 and XM177E2. Including tax stamps on the last two.

      We do correct clones at Casa McThag.

    4. I'm seeing seeing 1:12 20" Colt barrels with the full set of proper markings at both GunBorker and Arfcom listing at $1000-ish, and some are moving.

      Clone-correct is fine, I'm just not looking to do it myself - nor can I afford to.

      Tax stamps will be coming for the N-23 and second shorty I'm working on, the 601-stle LaFrance M16k. With proper chopped back-half triangles, not the smaller carbine triangles. Those just look goofy to me, on a LaFrance.

      Fella is making fully-functional repro 607 stocks, but at $550 it's another "maybe I should buy lotto tickets" item. Although it would be so neat to have that on a belt-fed upper set up LaFrance style and the cut-down PG from a 608 - Reed Knight has a stamped (2-roung burst) belt-fed carbine, but not supershort/LeFrance/607 stock, and it looks awesome.

      I don't have to worry about affording full-auto myself, stupid Washington State.

  3. The whole 80%/3D printed gun hoopla is asking us to believe things that are just too hard to believe. They're saying that criminal organizations are going to the effort of building machine shops to build guns instead of just stealing them. Or, in the case of the Mexican drug cartels, just buying a shipping container full of AK copies from China.

    Anyway, it's a pretty engraving job on the lower, and since you never talked about having a CNC mill I'm going to gather it was engraved by Nostalgic Recreations.

    1. I wanted two lines for the maker information so I added Nostalgic Recreation Div over Myname Trust.

      There was a person on Arfcom who took my artwork and some money to do the engraving.

      At the end of the day, not only did my 80% not save me any money; it also ended up on a 4473 to get it back from the anodizer.

    2. Well, to be fair, when Australia went all no-guns, the outlaw biker gangs did start manufacturing open-bolt smgs in their machine shops...

    3. It has seemed to me for a while that 80% lowers seemed to cost what a finished lower costs - including the FFL fee.

      Several years ago (during the Obamanation) BATFE ruled that if someone so much as drew an outline on the 80% lower to show where to start working they had converted it to a gun. Their argument now is that "readily converted" into a gun includes an 8 hour workday in a fully equipped machine shop.

      At what point do they start arguing that the machine tools themselves need to be regulated as guns?

  4. Quit trying to bring rationality and truth into a hysterical argument full of falsehoods and vapor-threats.

    Other than that? Nice lower.

    1. You're not my supervisor! ;)

    2. Beans:
      Where did you get the idea that Oz went "all no-guns"? The media, maybe?
      I only ask because that is complete bull.

      Oz hasn't allowed self-defence as a reason for firearms ownership in MANY decades, and the Howard government changes made little real difference to the shooting community. Mostly they simply forced the states to change the category of licensing for some firearms, and made importation more convoluted rather than actually more restrictive.

      As an explanation, possession of firearms is controlled by the States, but importation is in the domain of the Federal government. The States were blackmailed into changing firearms law by the Federal government threatening to withhold funding known as "Federal grants" for roads, education, and health.

      In the Oz shooting world, most shooters have more guns now than before the restrictions.

  5. Kudos.

    One of the 80% somethingorothers that I may or may not own or acquire should probably have the Wham-O logo, be identified as the Shoulder Rocket Bullet Launcher, and sport one of the -A2 ser. #s I carried, since I still have all my Mar Corps rifle data books with that info.

    Someone wants to make a fiberglass clamp-on kit for the AR series to recreate the look of the rifles used in Aliens, I might be in the market as well.

    1. The M41 is a dressed up Thompson M1A1 and Rem 870 (shrouded in SPAS 12 skin).

      There were kits for THAT not too terribly long ago and the Thompson would be the cheapest component in a firing version.


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