12 May 2021

No 14th Amendment?

I love me some conspiracy theory.

I just bumped into the idea that the 14th Amendment was never ratified.

I'm not linking to the sites discussing it, I don't like conspiracy theories enough to provide clicks.

The Wikipedia entry on the 14th does mention that the former Confederate states were basically held at gunpoint until they replaced their state governments with people who would ratify it as part of Reconstruction.

Something else occurs to me, that might be explained by historians but I didn't dig...

If a law was required to define the readmission of the CSA states back into The Union, then the south was actually successful in secession, however brief.

Skimming much of reconstruction makes me think that there's a lot of bad law from that era riding on the well paved road of good intentions.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Yeah "Reconstruction" turned into a "Dogs breakfest" thanks to John Wilks Booth and his merry band of copperheads. President Lincoln wanted to welcome the South back into the Union. After his assassination, we got a vengeful Congress, Carpetbaggers and the Union Army running roughshod over the south. After the Union left in 1877, the Vengeful South kicked out all the Republicans and Blacks that were in Office in the very next election and started imposing "Jim Crow" laws to punish the blacks and the whites(Scalawags) that moved down here were also ostracized. This continued the bad feelings that continue to an extent today. I honestly believe that President Johnson was impeached because he he tried to do President Lincolns bidding and go easy on the south and this ran counter to the radicals Like Stanton, Chase and Thaddius Stevens. And yes he tried to relieve Stanton as Secretary of War which finally kicked off the kerfluffle.

  2. John had a nice site that for some reason now defaults to a viagra sales site. https://www.facebook.com/americasremedy is where some of his stuff is found. Lots of things regarding the 'civil' war, (or war of northern aggression) that we weren't taught in school. There's enough still out there regarding the subjugation of states rights and the real reasons behind the war.


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