26 May 2021


I found the EOD manual on the M28 rifle grenade and it has enough drawings to make a detailed model of the fuse!


Even better, a decent image of the shipping cap.

 To the CAD program!

Happily, the fuse is a teeny thing and a relatively quick print.

Thanks to relentless searching on the various engines...

I now know what is supposed to be painted on it.

Dark green overall.

Red stripe about where the nose cone meets the cylinder portion.

Yellow letters saying:



RDX/WAX               95/5

B21            A            3/72

The 95/5 is the percentages of RDX to wax.  B21 and A are ordnance codes.  3/72 is the manufacturing date.

Prolly going to end up making two Energas, one with the South African ringed tail, the other with a six fins.  I think I'll see if I can find the markings for an M28 HEAT round.


  1. Internet pics are apparently scarcer than hen's teeth. Only one I could find of the actual M28 HEAT:

    1. You are not whistling Dixie.

      Pictures of live Energa of any make or model are super scarce.


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