11 May 2021

Full Stupid Clone Price List

About $300 for the barrel and furniture to convert Val from a middy 6.8 to a rifle length basic M16A4 clone.

That assumes that the $18 A2 handguards from Brownell's look good enough.  Many don't.  There's surplus out there for $20 to $40 as well.

Speaking of handguards, the USMC has changed over to the M5 RAS on their M16A4's.  This component appears to have gone out of production at both Knight's and P&S.  There's a few running around on GunBroker and Arfcom's Equipment Exchange, but that's another $250 to $350 depending on wear and completeness.

The A2 buttstock has proven difficult to find in stock too.  Rock River Arms claims to have them, but who knows...  Then there's the matter of the door, I'll bet that the RRA one comes with a plastic door.  Not sure that's correct.

Then there's the optic.  USMC uses the Trijicon ACOG TA-31RCO (AN/PVQ-31 in Jarhead speak, M150 in Army).  $1,000 to $1,200.  More than the rest of rifle when everything is added up.

A genuine long term project.

Even sadder is I don't really care for the TA-31 because of the short eye relief.  A Vortex Spitfire 3x works better for me at a much lower price ($330 from Bass Pro, not known for being the low price leader) point even if I have to deal with batteries and it being more fragile.  Plus, can't beat that warranty!

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