07 May 2021

Which M16A4?

The basic M16A4 is simply a flat-top M16A2.

But the Marines couldn't leave well enough alone and put a drop-in rail system to replace the handguard.

An M5 RAS to be precise.

All in all I'd be happier with the standard round handguards.

Then there's the delightfully expensive ACOG.  An optic that I really don't like.

Somehow, I don't think this would end up being a faithful clone.

Primary Arms' optic will suffice, I think.  I already have one!  It even looks the part if you squint and don't clean your glasses.


  1. I've built a few. The M5 RAS and ACOG do seem to be a bit dated tech these days, but still very effective. If I weren't such a clone-whore, I'd probably do something similar to the A5 concept.

    -Magpul UBR stock with A5 buffer system.
    -LVPO of any flavor.
    -The Midwest Industries MI-22M 2-piece free-floating MLOK handguard to keep the lines clean while enhancing accuracy and modularity. They also make a non-free-floating model if you want to keep your delta ring.

    Kalash from AK.

  2. A few years ago I thought I was the only person who didn't like the ACOG.


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