27 May 2021

Afternoon Update

About 1/3 the length done, I think.

Blogger's photo insertion system is still on the blink.


  1. Wait, is this the same print?

    What are the basic print settings?

    Infill%, number of walls, layer height, speeds, etc.

    If you set the layer height resolution too fine, you can cause the print time to more than quadruple for no real benefit if you are going to post-process and paint the model.

    The same goes for excessive amounts of infill and walls.

    1. I will get JT to comment and answer what settings he's using.

      We want solid infill to get the weight to closely match the real deal and are willing to take the speed hit for that.

      But the other stuff? Thag just drawer.

    2. Ahhh… okay.

      Then I expect it take a very looong time, because the print estimates in the slicer are not that accurate.

      Normally they are under rather than over, by anywhere from 10-50%.

      On a very high infill print like this, I'd lean towards the latter number.

  2. Typically I print using 40% infill, 0.24 layer height, not sure of the number of walls since I'm not sure where that setting is yet in Cura-3D. Since I was requested to print a solid object to more closely match the expected mass of the project, I went with 100% infill. I may have select 0.12 or 0.16 layer height in the Cura-3D settings before I fixed the contamination problems with the hot end and feed system from leaving the printer sitting for too many months with filament installed and no covering on the printer. In hindsight, I'm sure it would have been fine to leave the 0.24 layer height setting, but I think I fell victim to failing to reset all settings back to stock and just changing the infill once the printer was functioning again. Since this is just the first part, the plan is to adjust the layer height back to default for the upper portion of the warhead and then re-adjust if it doesn't produce the desired result.

    1. 0.12/0.16 layer hight?

      Oh goody. It's going to take for ever.

      I suggest that you always use the the "custom" vs the very limited "recommend" menu.

      The number of walls is under the "Shell" category.

      There's also a handy search box at the top of the menu to search for the setting you want.

      There's a bunch of helpful YouTube channels to have a look at that go over some common problems.

      If you want any help just email me at my Gmail. snarkyposters


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