11 May 2021

A Prediction

If things don't get headed off and calmed down first... and I hope they do.

Someone is going to start shooting at Antifa.

They will probably shoot back.

If they're shooting at Antifa in a place where the cops are protecting Antifa and arresting (and prosecuting) the citizens whom Antifa opposes, the first shots will be on the uniforms.

Mark my Cassandra-like words.

Another prediction is that doxxing works both ways and do-nothing district attorneys will discover that when the citizenry arms up and decides slit throats they do it wholesale.

I am so happy to live in Florida where sanity is still being clung to tenuously.


  1. GMTA.

    I was stunned that they tried shenanigans in Plano TX, and more so that once the cops sided with Antifa, the throwdown didn't begin in earnest.

    Were I badged and sworn thereabouts, I wouldn't count on the forebearance of the citizenry a second time, nor bet that my vest was more needful than my life insurance policy.

    Things are going to get sporty in a hurry when folks realize that the two-way range is open for business, and the BLM/Antifatards don't strike me as the conscientious marksmen type.

    And should an incident result in both cops and Leftards getting capped, the wise sheriff will let sleeping dogs lie, apply Occam's Razor, and decide that they clearly shot it out with each other, no matter how many bullet holes are unexplained, and won't go looking for alleged third parties shooting at both.

    "Major Strasser has been shot!...Round up the usual suspects...".

  2. Unfortunately, I can't find anything you say that I can see a reasonable disagreement with.

  3. I think that a few sheriffs, like Grady (?) in Polk county and probably Ivey over here in Brevard would welcome it.

    That Chief of Police in Plano is a leftist and Antifa sympathizer. There's a handful of places to do that in Texas. At least for a little while.

  4. they probably did it in plano because that chief has marched with them in the past...and supposedly on a local radio talk show today, a plano officer emailed in and didn't have anything good to say about that chief...and they are charging the white guy doing all the yelling with simple assault but not the person who supposedly pointed a gun at him or someone else...panzer guy

  5. This is something that desperately NEEDS to happen. The cops that go along to get along need a wake up call as do the local pols and prosecuters.

  6. When ordinary citizens start seeing the cops as "the enemy," their jobs become 100% harder. Anybody who lived through the Irish "Troubles" can testify to that.

    1. How much more difficult is their job when the cops see ordinary citizens as "the enemy"?

      You might recall my departure from Ames had a harassment from the cops component.

    2. This is why I have long held that everybody (or at least everybody reasonably able-bodied and without a history of mala in se criminal behavior) should have to take a turn behind the badge. Having full-time cops, particularly cops with no roots in the community they "serve," often leads to abuses.

  7. I think it will take severe provocation before normal people shoot at LEOs.


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