04 May 2021

Easy Fix

It was the starter-capacitor for the compressor that screwed my AC.

It was covered under warranty, but this marks the fifth time one of these things has croaked in a compressor I've owned.


  1. Get your utility company to do a line-noise test on your weatherhead. You may be having 'trashy' electricity being delivered.

    They have to do to your weatherhead for free. And fix anything to the weatherhead for free.

    Weatherhead to the rest of the house is your responsibility.

    I've had issues much like you. And it was bad lines to the house that killed a/c capacitors and various pieces of equipment.

  2. I went through capacitors on my AC unit pretty regularly. After the first one, I started keeping a spare on hand. I think $10-$20.

  3. Don't feel bad. My cheap China made car lift is on it's 4th motor starter cap. The caps, even those sold by Granger are all Chinesium too and fail regularly. This newest cap is an old U.S. made from the 1970's I found surplus. It does not fit in the cover shell so hangs off the side of the motor, but it has yet to fail after a couple of years of use. I am absolutely convinced the Chinese build crap for the U.S. market on purpose, by that I mean purposefully marginal quality and idiot U.S. importers just accept it. I worked for a company importing material from China and we set up a local office to inspect/reject crap before it went on the water. If you post the capacitor size (physical dimensions) capacitance in Mfd and voltage rating I can try to find you a good U.S. surplus part.


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