06 May 2021

Sonderkonndemer Returns

I don't understand how you can be so obtuse as to say that we've made great progress while saying we're being totally hindered by a group that doesn't even make the news.

Migs, you are literally the only person outside the events you're whinging about who even notices.

But I will tell you what, I will call Luis and I will ask him if Florida Carry's fishing fashion shows even come up in Tallahassee.

He's up there lobbying.  Every year.  For years.

Something he's never said is, "can you open carry people back off for a bit so we can convince this politicriter?"

It's only a real problem in the minds of people who're pre-offended by the idea.

Heads up, Migs, your new home is a licensed open carry state.  Don't get too afraid of the new freedom around you.  Or will you advocate that this freedom be removed because anyone who exercises it is an idiot?


  1. Hey, he made a special posting just for me. I feel so fabulous.

    He just doesn't get it. Just doesn't understand that a lot of incremental changes has been because there's been such pushback by groups shouting for all controls to end.

    And now Texas is looking to push Constitutional Carry. While Fudds like Miguel are saying that any legal open carry is bad.

    Dammit. I want full Constitutional here in Florida. I shouldn't have to register and pay for a right. As long as I'm not doing anything wrong, I shouldn't get hassled by the Fuzz. But the Incrementalists, who say they're following the law, don't want us to... follow the law.

    GAAAHHHH!!! If I had long hair, it'd be pulled out by now.

    1. I'm fine progressing in an incremental way. Let the antis be the frogs in the boiling pot for a change.


      The increments must be progressing towards a goal of no restrictions at all.

      Too many people, like Miggy Baby, have a goal that's just a couple of increments from present and will happily quit there. And if they perceive that freedom beyond their goal is slowing the attainment of that goal, they attack those who are fine with their goal but wish to proceed past it.

      I keep asking him to show where the open carry events by Florida Carry have hurt our cause and prevented expansion of our rights.

      He doesn't have any evidence, but he sure has feels.

      It's not like he's been up to Tallahassee and gotten a meeting with the congress creatures or their staffs.

      Never mind that open carry, even of "scary" guns still hasn't caused open carry to be outlawed in any state which restored that right.

      The sky refuses to fall, the world refuses to end.

      I'd like to remind him, if he bothers to read this, it wasn't Florida Carry that got us all the post-Parkland infringements. It was a single teenager the cops should have had in jail years before. Open carry and 2A absolutists didn't hurt anything.

    2. A single teenager and his mother who violated the 4473 by straw purchasing guns for her unstable son. But what federal prosecution? (Crickets....)

      And why is he hating so much regarding fishing while carrying when that is totally legal? Love to get some serious answers from him, but he ducks and evades at a Wayne La Pierre level...

    3. We've had open carry (well, a little restricted) for a while here in Texas. Despite the hand wringers, like Angus says, the world didn't end and the sky did not fall. Open carry here is relatively rare, but generally trouble free. Most of the comments I hear from people when someone is open carrying are things like "that's a nice 1911". While I generally don't open carry, I like to know that if I felt a need to, I could.


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