23 May 2021

Re Reads

"The Star Fox" by Poul Anderson was not what I remembered from being in 7th grade.

Moving on to "Dune" which I read in 10th.

I am greatly afeared of the Fafnard and the Gray Mouser books.  I really liked them when I was a tween and playing AD&D.

Too many things have failed to survive childhood nostalgia.


  1. If I had to be marooned with only one SF author's works to keep me company, it would be Poul Anderson. A couple of years ago I went back an re-read all the Technic Civilization (Nick van Rijn, David Falkayn) and Galactic Empire (Flandry) books, in chronological order of the stories. I thought they held up great, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  2. If you hold "Dune" in high regard, do NOT, whatever the pressure, watch the eponymous movie.

    1. But Sting was so dreamy!

      Too late, already seen the movie. I believe my response was, "what the fuck is this shit?"

    2. I liked the movie for the cinematic scope and the "Payback" factor....If you don't use it to tie it to the book, it ain't bad.

    3. I had basically the same reaction as McThag. Having read all the Dune books, it was definitely a WTF experience.

    4. I would say that Dune, like Stranger in a Strange Land, is all but unfilmable.


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