17 May 2021

Scaled Test Run

JT has started to print a reduced size version to see how well his printer takes to my srt file.

Here's the work in progress!

So far, so good!

Got to get a 3D model made of the Yugoslavian M60P1 AP grenade which Willard calls an "arrow".

He says that SWAPO was entirely too professional in their employment.


  1. That orientation might work, but with that little surface area in contact with the print bed I'm thinking more failed prints then successful ones.

    It's very easy for a tall but narrow model to be bumped by the print head, causing a failed print.

    You might be better off making a two part version and just CA gluing it together.

    1. I think you jinxed poor JT!

      Redrawing it to be multi-parted right now.

      I will take advantage of this to add the fuse well and draw a fuse up.

  2. Rifle grenades were a hallmark of the Warsaw Pact. Makes sense thier vassals would know how to use them. I hope Doug Foster is burning in hell


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