26 May 2021

If You Can't Repeat The Experiment...

...And get the same results then it's not science.

Replication Crisis.

When I was learning scientific method it was made clear that any experiment that had not been duplicated made suspect any theory stemming from it, and any experiment which could not be duplicated was an invalid hypothesis.

Full stop.

I wonder just how much settled, and accepted, science falls into these two categories.


  1. IIRC, the last time Silicon Graybeard linked to the information, it was something like 95% of all "studies" were nothing but pure bull squeeze in terms of replicability, and the correlation between who funded said studies, and the conclusions reached benefitting said study funders, was at a number approaching 1.

  2. global warming for one. won't share their methods or even their data, not even under penalty of law. equals horsehockey.

  3. Unfortunately, most scientists are more interested in satisfying their funder and making political points than doing real science. And those who try to fulfill their mission are often pushed out or down.

  4. Yup. In the 'publish or perish' world, combined with the 'buy your results from these scientists' world, most 'science' is unverifiable and has all the validity of, as Aesop puts it, 'bull squeeze.'

    Most modern 'theories,' like the Drake Equation or Cold Fusion, are actually hypotheses, which means an idea pulled out of someone's head and is just an unverified idea. Now, either one of these two ideas could be true, but so far nobody's been able to do a repeatable experiment with verification from other people to prove it. Though it does look like Cold Fusion has more chance of being proven true than Drake's Equation.

    As to Global Warming Manmade Climate Change, well, it's more of a religion than even a hypothesis, since it has been proven and verified that most, if not all, of the Theory of Manmade Global Warming Climate Change Something Something is false. And the results that show it's 'true' aren't even repeatable within the small community that controls the content that the fake studies are based upon. So, as riverrider says, Horse Hockey.


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